Waarom wachten op het weekend? Elke donderdagavond is het genietavond in Djoj!
2 en 3 september

€15,- per avond


Warrior of the Dance Workshop

We will DANCE and SING together. And we will make some small performance for each other at the end.

You will get a new concept for creation and expression Dance and Singing called Step out of the Story. We use theatrical techniques consciousness and spontaneous dance and singing.

Who is a Warrior? Everybody has a Warrior inside! Through the Warrior we are learning to be in the present moment, we express the energy of life, of freedom, courage and authenticity.

Your guides for the evening: Dance: EVA BERGEROVÁ
Voice & music (kora, flute, harmonium): DYMPHI PEETERS

This workshop is inspired by a ritual dance theater performance called “Warrior of the Dance."
more info: eva@evaberger.eu or phone 0623883406
www.evaberger.eu or at www.djoj.nl

About original performance:
"ONE DANCER, TWO MUSICIANS, live music and interaction. It's a story about becoming alive and transforming your emotions into something beautiful by using your creative source. In this Warrior performance, Eva Berger combines 5rhytms dance with martial arts. So, you might wonder what these - on the first sight very different things - have in common? Well, it's all about energy. The performance serves as a medium for this. We go through the fear, anger, to the sadness and end in joy and compassion."


Extra info
za 2 september 2017
Open Dag Centrum Djoj - gratis toegang
zo 3 september 2017
Open Dag Centrum Djoj - gratis toegang


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Eva Berger
Step out of the Story

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