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The Rebel

For everyone who has looked inside and gotten in touch with a deep need to change the way they are living their lives.

Living from our conditioned minds leaves us running around in circles, repeating patterns that keep us addicted, co-dependent and fixed in negative behavior.

Owning those patterns and finding the source of the conditioning is a liberating gift. From this liberation, you start living life in tune with the essential qualities you brought with you into this world.

Supported by meditation you arrive in a place inside where your being falls in harmony with what surrounds you. An authentic life of ease and fulfillment becomes possible.

This course is a recommended preparation for the A.F.H. - The OSHO Freedom Process.

"The rebel is in a state of tremendous love with freedom -- total freedom, nothing less than that. Hence he has no savior, no God's messenger, no messiah, no guide; he simply moves according to his own nature. He does not follow anybody; he does not imitate anybody. Certainly, he has chosen the most dangerous way of life; full of responsibility, but of tremendous joy and freedom." Osho.

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