Boeddha Festival 9 febr
€10,- per person


I am Paradise! Theater Premiere


The second performance created by this group.

Why Paradise?
Where is Paradise? In Heaven? In the Past or Future? After death? NOOO! We believe the only Paradise is in ourselves. Our personal Paradise. And Gateways a to be in Self-respect, Freedom, Conscious Movement, Common Ground of Mankind Tribe, Love and Compassion.
Paradise is being Here and Now. In Love.

About Performance
Through Dreamland, the characters are travelling through the Gateway into Paradise, where they find their own Power Animal. In Paradise, they are living in Harmony, putting themselves in different situations - first time experiencing, a whole variety of Emotions. They learn how to live, die and many more...
Animals are symbols of our own inner instinct, aliveness and freedom.
The animals in this story are directly transforming into Angels of Light.

Performing: Fiona Buurkes, Rob van Steensel, Annelies Hoeneveld, Mathanja Sibon, Carla van der Aa, Eva Bergerová and Saryo van Lakerveld

Directing: Eva Bergerová
Conscious Dance Teacher: Saryo van Lakerveld
Live music: Dymphi Peeters.

After the performance, you are invited to dance at the after-party/celebration with music

11th November 2019

Performance: 20:00 - 21:00h
Afterparty/ celebration: 21:00-23:30h

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