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zondag 22 december



Cacao Ceremony & Sacred Dance

Ritual Cacao Ceremony and Sacred Dance

♥ Welcome Beautiful You...
We share with You a Sacred Dance with Shamanic influences, inspired by Ecstatic dance, where we bring a unique experience through special connections.
Flowing into Your body with love, softness, and gratitude for the Ancient tribe music.
Connecting with our own inner Shaman Wisdom that resides deep inside all of us... Through our beautiful Hearts... Flowing on the dance floor by rituals and live shamanic healing Sounds.... a few hours on the dance floor to feel, to meet our Beautiful Selves and connect us all together as One... One vibration of Love and bliss.... Join and Dance Your Dance...

Between the Cacao and the DJ Set, we will bring you in a soft state through live music with flutes, various shamanic instruments with a sound journey to let you flow easily into the dance and at the end, we integrate the energies and cool down by various music, instruments, and fruit.

Play and enjoy yourself and don’t hold back.
Stay true to yourself, explore your own boundaries and respect others.
Dance, exactly in the way how you want it.
Be on your own or meet the dance with other beings.
Let the music carry you on a magical journey: Your own dance journey and dance in complete freedom as if no one is watching.

♥ Fee: €20,=
♥ Inclusive Cacao, Dance, Tea, and Water
♥ If you want to be ensured of your Cacao send us an email to; hannie.caron@gmail.com.
this is for registration to prepare your Cacao so that we have enough to serve You in this Sacred Ritual. Also, we ask you if you use any kind of chemical medicine. This is to provide your safety.
Tell us about it in the same e-mail.


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zo 22 december 2019
Cacao Ceremonie & Sacred Dance

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