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Data 21 juni tot en met 28 juni

An 8-days course for Euro 1300,- including shared residential accommodation and food. Participation after an interview, limited spaces available. The course will be in English.


Primal Deconditioning Intensive

A therapeutic childhood de-conditioning program which works with our basic conditioning formed in the first 7 years of our lives. This forms the blueprint of who we unconsciously become as an adult.

Conditioning is given to us by parents, family, teachers and society - it is learned behavior. It fuels all that is false about us by maintaining a personality. That in turn deprives us from the real, essential and true in us – a place where we feel at home and connected.

This process works through the layers of our personality which manifest themselves mostly as our self-destructive behaviors, addictions, and co-dependency issues.

We use different techniques, to re-connect with the healthy, alive child inside us to set it free from the “hypnosis” of the past.

In the end it is meditation on a daily basis which will enable us to stay unidentified from our wounds, maintaining a healthier and fulfilled life in this present moment.

"Whatever is repressed will have to be witnessed; whatever is buried inside will have to be faced. Wherever we have made ourselves blind, we will have to create eyes. We will have to undo the things we were taught to do as children and redo them in a totally different manner. We will have to return to that point in our childhood at which our energy was stolen. This is why all religiousness is nothing but the reclaiming of childhood." Osho

Language: English
Pre-requisite: Emotional release work, Inner child work
Application: By questionnaire and a short Skype interview might be part of the procedure.
This course is residential.

OSHO Dynamic en Kundalini Meditation are an integral part of the course

Primal Deconditioning Intensive eight days

Extra info
vr 21 juni 2019
Starts in the afternoon. Please arrive in time
za 22 juni 2019
zo 23 juni 2019
ma 24 juni 2019
di 25 juni 2019
wo 26 juni 2019
do 27 juni 2019
vr 28 juni 2019


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Bela Dubbelman
Living Truth - Therapie & Meditatie

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