Ecstatic Dance (orginal)
30 jun en 1+2+3+4 jul (zie verder agenda)

A six-day for € 900,- incl. shared residential accommodation and food. €90,- deposit is required when you register.


The Rebel

For everyone who has looked inside and gotten in touch with a deep need to change the way they are living their lives.

Living from our conditioned minds leaves us running around in circles, repeating patterns that keep us addicted, co-dependent and fixed in negative behavior.

Owning those patterns and finding the source of the conditioning is a liberating gift. From this liberation, you start living life in tune with the essential qualities you brought with you into this world.

Supported by meditation you arrive in a place inside where your being falls in harmony with what surrounds you. An authentic life of ease and fulfillment becomes possible.

This course is a recommended preparation for the A.F.H. - The OSHO Freedom Process.

"The rebel is in a state of tremendous love with freedom -- total freedom, nothing less than that. Hence he has no savior, no God's messenger, no messiah, no guide; he simply moves according to his own nature. He does not follow anybody; he does not imitate anybody. Certainly, he has chosen the most dangerous way of life; full of responsibility, but of tremendous joy and freedom." Osho

Language: English
Pre-requisite: Primal Deconditioning Intensive or other primal related work.
Application: By questionnaire and a short Skype interview might be part of the procedure.
This course is residential.

OSHO Dynamic en Kundalini Meditation are an integral part of the course.

The Rebel Six days

Extra info
zo 30 juni 2019
Starts in the afternoon. Please arrive in time
ma 1 juli 2019
di 2 juli 2019
wo 3 juli 2019
do 4 juli 2019
vr 5 juli 2019


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Bela Dubbelman
Living Truth - Therapie & Meditatie

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